NSW delivers full services within architecture, planning, urban design and interior design. This covers new projects – both large and small – as well as refurbishment and transformation projects.

NSW is an independent architectural firm with offices in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, the coastal town of Svolvær in Lofoten and with a sister-office in the inland city of Hamar – strategically located to handle architectural and planning challenges throughout Norway. NSW also provides services in several other countries.


NSW’s international team is composed of 45 professionals with diverse backgrounds and talents. Our multidisciplinary team and the variety of projects and scales that we undertake have made us experts in the field.

Our values

Our aim is to provide excellent design solutions in response to our clients’ goals and needs within the given framework of quality, cost and time.

We carry out all our commissions with due attention to our core values:

Innovation and boldness

Social responsibility

Teamwork and interdisciplinary collaboration

Respect for sustainability and respect for the environment

Our approach

We combine years of experience with young enthusiasm and our design approach is:

Conceptual — we shape ideas and quality frameworks

Principal — we understand and maintain core values

Pragmatic — we are flexible, practical and adaptable

Innovative — we strive to come up with new ideas

Poetic — we seek to combine the imaginative with the sensitive

Our expertise


A multidisciplinary approach from initial concept to final design opens new and innovative possibilities. Honesty in construction, the use of lasting materials, a focus on functional understanding, space programming and social responsibility all form the backdrop for our architecture. Combining our pragmatic understanding with metaphors from culture, community and our own poetic sensibility brings quality and life to our architecture.


NSW aims at being a leader in delivering sustainable solutions and projects that reflect current needs in society. We seek to develop innovative solutions within the framework of each project. Our design investigates the opportunities in circular processes and the re-use of building materials, culminating in architecture which reflects and responds to climatic and environmental challenges.

Urban design

Sustainable development of our cities, towns and communities is based on a holistic approach to environmental, economic and social issues. We believe successful urban design-work includes thorough evaluation of the use of public and private spaces, mobility- and traffic patterns, social behavior and demographics, together with civic functions, housing and recreational needs.


NSW offers planning services on all scales from small developments with few zoning issues to large building complexes and urban areas. We can steer the planning process from start to finish and have developed analytical methods and tools to investigate the various themes which need to be addressed throughout.

Interior design

NSW provides complete services within the building and design field, taking responsibility for developing a complete architectural experience from the exterior through to the interior design. We have expert groups focusing on interior and product design with in-depth knowledge of materials, products and interior detailing.

BIM & Design Technology

We use Building Information Modelling (BIM) in our projects to bring together all aspects of the architectural information in one location, from concept to construction. Our BIM experts are dedicated to research and development to stimulate innovation within the office.

Job openings


Applications for students to join our office in Oslo as an intern may be sent to ark@ nsw.no in March/ April for the following fall/ spring semester.

As an intern in our office, you will get the opportunity to work side-by-side with our architects and partners and become a member of diverse teams of both competitions and later phases. You will be a part of project development, illustrations, presentations, 3D-modelling and sketching.

We are looking for talented and ambitious designers with a strong interest in architecture, sustainability and with strong graphical skills.


  • Commitment of 2 semesters and must be a student of at least 2-3 years
  • Have knowledge in Revit, Rhino (highly recommended) and Adobe-package
  • Good communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Good team-member

Please send us your portfolio in PDF format (less than 10 MB) via email sent to ark@nsw.no

Apply here

Unsolicited application

Currently, we do not have any job openings, however, we are constantly evolving, and we are always interested in hearing from skilled architects and designers.

Please send us your portfolio in pdf format (less than 10 MB) via email sent to ark@nsw.no

Apply here