Astrup Fearnley Museum

Explore the facts about the project and the architectual drawings


The project is located in a wonderful position at the outermost point of the city waterfront. The building complex consists of three buildings and forms the natural destination of the promenade from the City. The Museum starts outside in the park, an organic play of canals, bridges and lawns where sculptures of the Selvaag collection are displayed.

Selvaag Gruppen, Aspelin-Ramm Gruppen
Renzo Piano Building Workshop in collaboration with NSW Arkitektur as the local architect

Inside the visitors experience the temporary exhibition of the Astrup Fearnley Museum in a large double-height space, where natural light is filtered through a glass roof. The galleries follow a sequence of smaller art spaces linked by a bridge, leading towards the park and the Piazza, connecting inside with outside. The museum is a complete entity where the visitor meets nature, can take a swim, enjoy urban life, whilst enjoying the art.

Love Story - Works from Erling Kagge's Collection

The design of the glass roof gives identity to the project. Its curved shape bridges the canal between the building volumes. Slender steel columns reinforced with tension wires reflecting masts of the sailboats in the harbour.

The timber cladding, with its soft silver-grey colour highlights the dynamic shape of the glass roof and contributes to the friendly welcoming of the Museum.

Architectual Drawings