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As one of the most significant architects of the last century, Arnstein Arneberg designed a series of private residences, the most impressive of which is Munkebakken.

Fornebu, Bærum
2500 m²
Einar C. Nagell-Erichsen
NSW Arkitektur

The 20 acre site is accessed from Fornebuveien and stretches all the way down to the sea. The first view is of two small porters’ lodges forming a gateway into the compound. When approaching the main house it becomes clear that the complex is unique, also in a Norwegian context.

The original design was never completed and was rebuilt even before it was finished. At the change of ownership in 1995 it was apparent that a major remodeling of the main house was required with new stables, garages as well as a new bathing house and swimming pool in the park. The park was also restored to its former glory.

In close cooperation with the owner Einar C. Nagell-Erichsen and the heritage authorities, the main house, which in itself is some 2000m², was significantly changed and the plan adjusted to meet current needs, but also supplemented and improved with missing elements. Several modern details were added in both contrast and harmony with the original design, especially the kitchen, bathroom, the indoor swimming pool and associated rooms. The materials and detailing were chosen to be in keeping with the original quality of the mansion.