The Royal Palace


The Royal Palace has been remodeled and renovated at each accession. Even before the palace was first put into use, it was remodeled by the palace architect Hans D.F. Linstow. The first tenant to remodel the palace was Oscar II, who retained the architect Georg A. Bull with the assistance of the architect von Hanno.

17.600 m²
Det Kongelige Slott and Statsbygg
NSW Arkitektur

The largest remodeling and renovation was undertaken in 1993. NSW was commissioned to create a comprehensive refurbishment plan for the palace as the basis for several subsidiary projects, and subsequently for their detailed design.

A part of the work has consisted of refining or restoring the original qualities and details while meeting contemporary requirements for indoor climate. Another part has been the addition of new or complementary solutions.

The first subsidiary project was the kitchen and canteen. Modern design solutions have also been created for the security post at the Southern entry and in the new glass and steel stair in the North wing. The King's new entry from the Slottsgården has also been given a modern aspect in desired contrast with the classical façades.

In addition to the work on the palace proper, NSW has also worked on other buildings in the Palace Park: the Stables, the Guard pavilion, the Palm House, and the Facilities Management Building.


Architectual Drawings